What are carrier surcharges and how will they be applied?

Bryan Kahrar

As the messaging space evolves, we will keep this list up to date with new and updated surcharges. 

As of March 1, 2021, for 10DLC, AT&T will be charging a single rate surcharge for registered traffic as part of their 10DLC program. These rates will be enforced March 1, 2022. These rates are reflected here 

Also for 10DLC, as of June 1, 2021, T-Mobile/Sprint will be passing through per-message surcharges for registered traffic. These rates will be enforced March 1, 2022 and are noted in the Local A2P/10DLC table in the adjacent panel. 

Local A2P/ 10DLC

CarrierTypeInboundOutboundStart Date
US CellularSMS$0.00$0.0053/1/19
US CellularMMS$0.00$0.013/1/21
AT&T – RegisteredSMS$0.00$0.0023/1/21
AT&T – RegisteredMMS$0.00$0.00353/1/21
NEW AT&T – UnregisteredSMS$0.00$0.00403/1/22
NEW AT&T – UnregisteredMMS$0.00$0.00503/1/22
T-Mobile – RegisteredSMS$0.003$0.0036/1/21
T-Mobile – RegisteredMMS$0.010$0.0106/1/21
NEW T-Mobile – UnregisteredSMS$0.004$0.0043/1/22
NEW T-Mobile – UnregisteredMMS$0.013$0.0133/1/22
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