Why Text?

Why Text Marketing?

In short, because its how people communicate...

In the past few years, texting has, far and away, become the most preferred way to communicate. As of 2019, 93% of the population is using SMS texting service. It has become the most efficient way to reach people. Even better, text messages are opened and viewed 91% of the time with a response rate up to 41%. Compare that to email rates (email has about a 20% read rate and 6% response rate).

But the best reason to use text messages to communicate with your audience is that text messaging has a super power. That super power is response. Response rates are off the charts and your customer's answers can be invaluable. 

With Texting For Less, you can see customer's response in real time and respond instantly. Its infinitely more efficient than the old email to webform route. Many companies have tried to use Android or IPhone messaging apps as a substitute for sending SMS texts. The problem with instant messaging apps are the deliverability limits. Even the best pay messaging apps will limit the number of contacts that can be sent messages at once. Worse, there can be compatibility issues between apps. Its far from efficient.

Additionally, data networks can get overloaded during busy hours or crisis situations, SMS Messages can still get through when phone calls, email and internet based messages may be unable to go through. Public schools and government organizations and hospitals tend to use these services for similar reason.

So why should you communicate with your customers via text?

*Its currently your customer's goto communications method.

*Better open rates than any other method of communications.

*Better response rates than other methods, by an order of magnitude.

*Faster response time that any other method.

*Real time communications.

*Better reliability during system overload or crisis situations. Think about it, you need only to hear the ringtone of a text message and you immediately grab your phone to see who contacted you. Statistics show, if you are not texting, you are behind the times.

18-29 y/o's that own a text capable device98%
US adults who communicate via SMS93%
Text messages opened and viewed91%
18-34 y/o's that prefer SMS for business91%
Millenials that open texts in 90 seconds84%
That prefer SMS notifications76%
That always have their SMS device at hand93%
SMS mktg response41%
Adults that own a smartphone70%
Avg response time for email    90 Minutes
Avg response for text msgs     90 Seconds 
That SMS upon waking up64%
That text within 15 min of waking77%
In-store coupon redemptions75%
Out of store41%
# of text messages young people send weekly     130+
Appreciate getting bday txts63%
Brand awareness impact of text msgs100%
Opportunities missed by not text marketing100%

Take advantage of all of the benefits of text message marketing right away by letting Texting For Less work for you. Simply click below to get started.

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