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What is a text message (SMS)?

(SMS) is an abbreviation for Short Message Service. A text message can be sent to and from any cellular phone.

Can my contacts reply to my text messages?

Yes, and you can converse with your contacts just like a text conversation on a smartphone.  The only difference is you will be using our portal. Your contact will not notice any difference.

Which phones can receive text messages?

Most phones created within the last decade have the ability to both send and receive text messages.

Does my phone’s carrier charge for received messages?

All phone carrier plans are different. It often depends on the plan or package your cell phone is operating under.

Is there a limit in characters per text message?

Text messages are limited to 160 characters per text. A character includes any letter, number, space, punctuation, etc.

How long does it take for my text message to deliver?

Text messages deliver almost instantly. If the receiver’s phone is turned off or out of battery, the message will deliver once it is turned back on.

What is a short code?

A short code is a five or six digit code that is sent as text messages from a cellular phone. Users who subscribe can send text messages to the short code in order to access a wider variety of content.

Are all text messages guaranteed to deliver?

No, text messages are not always guaranteed to deliver. Depending on the carriers and networks involved, determines whether or not the text message can be delivered.

Is it possible to change the number, or to set a name that you are able to send your text messages from?

Text messages and calls always come from only phone numbers. It isn’t possible to send a message from a name. Text messages can either come from standard 10 digit phone numbers or short codes. The only way a message can be delivered with a name, is if the recipient has that specific phone number saved in their contact list.

What advantages does using text messaging for marketing and communications offer?

In today’s world most people have their cell phones with them at all times, meaning a text message can reach a recipient even if they are away from their desk, unlike emails. Text messages are brief, effective and inexpensive means of communications.

How much do text messages cost to send using Texting For Less limit in characters per text message?

See our pricing page for our most recent pricing.

Does Texting For Less require a signed contract?

Texting For Less never charges any fees or requires a signed contract. Every plan is month to month and can be cancelled or changed at any time. Once you sign up for a Texting For Less account, you will be placed on a monthly plan of your choice.

Once I have purchased messages, how long can I save them for?

All messages that have not been used will expire 18 months after the purchase date. If you decide to go with the monthly plan, at the start of each billing period your messages will reset.

Does Texting For Less charge for incoming text messages?

Incoming text messages are charged 1 text credit.

Is there an option to forward incoming text messages to our email addresses for free?

It is completely free of charge to forward any text messages to your email address. Most competing companies have a fixed cost for forwarding messages to your email address. Texting For Less does not.

Is it possible to forward incoming texts to my personal mobile phone number?

Yes it is possible to forward incoming texts to your personal mobile phone number. Each forwarded message cost one credit per message.

Will I receive replies to the group text messages that I send?

You will receive all replies to your group text messages. They will be delivered to your Texting For Less portal inbox.

Is it possible to send a single text instead of a group text?

Yes you can send to one user or multiple users. Before sending your text message, instead of selecting a group of contacts, simply enter a single phone number to send your message to.

How do I get more message credits?

Once you are logged into your Texting For Less account, just click the “Buy More Credits” button. Once you complete payment, the message credits will be added to your account instantly.

Does Texting For Less limit the amount of text messages I am able to send?

You are allowed to send as many text messages as you pay for. Texting For Less does not limit the amount of text messages you’d like to send as long as our Anti-Spam Policy isn’t violated.

Why did some of the contacts on my contact list not receive the text message I sent?

There’s two main reasons why the recipient may not receive the text message you sent them. One reason could be that the recipient may not

have the ability to send or receive text messages with their current carrier plan. Second, the recipients phone could be full and out of storage, not having enough room for your incoming text message.

If a message is not delivered to the desired recipient, do I still get charged for those messages?

Yes, every message your Texting For Less account sends out a text message you are charged 1 credit.

What exactly is a keyword?

A keyword is a term (or a number) that the recipient uses to communicate in response to your phone number (or short code). See next FAQ question for an example

How exactly does a keyword work?

Through your Texting For Less account you can purchase a keyword (for example lets select the term “discount”), which will be set up with your texable business number that we set up for you. Then you can have your recipient’s text the word “discount” to your texable phone number in order to join or subscribe to your text-messaging list automatically. You can even set an automatic response message to be sent as soon as they reply with your keyword. You can see how ours works by texting the word, "gotext" to 484848.

May I choose any keyword I like and are there any limitations?

Any keyword you desire is available on your texable phone number. You are able to register it to your Texting For Less account. This includes any combination of letters and numbers.

Any particular rules as to how I can advertise my keyword both online and in print?
When would I need more than one keyword registered to my account?

This allows you to run multiple campaigns targeting different message lists. For example, you can have people text the word “subscribe” to your business line, in order to join your texting list, or have them text “discount” to your business line to find out how they can receive a discount on your services. Those are just 2 examples of how different campaigns can be beneficial. Also, this allows you to test the performance of both keywords; you can tell which one has better conversion rates. Multiple keywords also allows you to run different types of campaigns such as opt-in campaigns, contest campaigns, as well as polls.

Where does Texting For Less work?

Texting For Less works from the USA, to send texts all over the world. Pricing of text messages will be vary when sending to other countries.

What is MMS and what does it stand for?

MMS is a Multimedia Messaging Service that allows you to send media files, images, files, and audio messages. MMS also allows up to 1,600 characters in regular text messages, unlike SMS messages that limit you to 160 characters per message.

For MMS, what types of files am I able to send?

This depends on what type of multimedia message you are trying to send. If it is an image, you are able to send up to 5MB. Our system will automatically optimize your image in order for it to be delivered properly. Videos and audio messages can be up to 500kb.

Is it possible to receive MMS messages in my Texting For Less account?

Yes you will receive all MMS messages in your Texting For Less account. MMS messages are received as replies or in combination form with the specific keyword you used for that texting campaign.

What is the pricing to send an MMS?

See our latest pricing here.

Which file formats does Texting For Less support?

We support excel files, CSV files, as well as text files.

Where exactly does my data get stored, and how is it protected?

Once signing up for an account, all of your information is secured in our database server. The only ones to have access to all of your personal information are the ones who have the login details to your account. We have a data center that is secured through multiple perimeter access systems as well as fire-proof heavy-duty doors. This data center is under surveillance 24/7.

Once I upload all of my information and contact list, who owns my data?

You and only you own your data. The contact list you upload will never be touched without your consent.

Do advertisements get sent via text message to my contact list?

The only  one who can send texts to your contact list is you.

Are my list of contacts held securely, and how is my privacy protected?

All of the contacts you upload are completely secured and kept in confidentiality. Nothing is shared in terms of the contacts. You and only you own all of the information.

Why does the signup process require me to list my phone number?

Your phone number is required for security reasons. We want to make sure that your phone number actually belongs to you and you are who you say you are.

Can I use my Texting For Less account to send text messages in bulk?

Of course, Texting For Less is perfect for sending bulk and group text messages to large list of contacts for all different types of campaigns.

Once I signup, how long does it take for my account to be active and ready to text?

Usually same day. There is a verification process that ensures we are all in compliance with Federal TCPA guidelines that will limit your ability to add contacts until completed (we will assist you with this). Once you signup you will automatically get 10 free credits to try it out. There are no fees at signup, and you are not required to provide any type of payment until you are ready to purchase credits.

What if I do not have any technical knowledge?

The Texting For Less support team is there for you 24/7/365. Our platform is designed to be extremely simple and easy to learn. By any chance if you do have any issues or questions, our support team will be there for you every step of the way.

What do I need in order to use Texting For Less?

All you need is a computer and Internet connection. Our entire platform is completely web-based.

Why do I need a username?

Your username will be your identity on our site. When you send your messages out, your username will display as the sender. As you begin to signup, you will be asked to create your own username and password. That will be used to access your account at anytime.

Is it necessary to know which phone provider my contacts use?

No, our software has the ability to determine which provider your contacts use. Once you upload your contact list, our software can determine the provider automatically.

Is it possible to collect extra phone numbers on my website?

Yes you will be provided with a contact collection app that you

can post on your website, emails, or social media page.

How do I go about adding contacts to my list?

Texting For Less is compatible to multiple formats. You may upload your contact list from either an Excel file, CSV file, or text file.

How does my free Texting For Less trial work?

Texting For Less’ free trial is a great way for you to plan ahead and take a peek at our service. You will be given access to the portal, with the option to upgrade to a purchased plan at any time. During this free trial, you will be able to provision a toll free number, access to view features such as the use of keywords, SMS, and MMS. Our support team is here for you 24/7/365 and can answer questions you may have.

How do I sign up for Texting For Less?

All you need is a computer and Internet connection. Go to our pricing page and pick a plan, then follow the prompts.

Who can I text?

Automated texting is permission based. You can text anyone who is capable of receiving text messages, that ALSO give permission to text them. Permission is vital to comply with both government and industry rules. You cannot buy a list of numbers and start texting. Keywords are one of the best ways to create lists that have permission already built in.

What services do we offer?

We provide all texting services. We offer both SMS & MMS picture messaging, blast texting, auto responder campaigns, keyword texting, text to land line, both short code and long code texting, drip campaigns, widgets, polling, reminders, alerts, scheduling, reporting and more.

Are there different kinds of text messages?

Yes and we offer all of them. There are long code and short code texting as well as SMS and MMS messages. All of these are compatible with any device that can send and receive text messages.

Long code is a text message from a 10 digit phone number. These are what you use today from your own phone number. We offer texting from your business phone number or we will provide you a toll free number.

Short codes are 6 to 8 digit numbers and are the industry platform for larger scale texting services like blasts or keyword texting.

SMS is a plain text message without pictures or video limited to the industry standard 160 characters.

MMS is the enhanced messaging services that can support photos, videos, or expanded text length.

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