Text Messaging For Political Campaigns

How To Use SMS For Your Political Campaign

In 2008, Barack Obama announced that Joe Biden would be his running mate by blast text messaging 3 million voters. Eight years later, in 2016, the Trump Campaign used SMS texting to great success with an incredible 99% total open rate, and an 87% open rate within the first 3 minutes of receiving.

Both candidates and many more, have gone on to successfully use text messaging to organize rallies, engage and inform supporters, not to mention generate massive scale donations from contributors all over the country.

Like it or not, text messaging is reshaping campaigns on both sides of the isle and turning tides on election outcomes. When you are campaigning for office, whether it’s the Governor’s desk, or county sheriff, staying engaged with voters is the key to victory and no other platform offers such intimate engagement at scale.

Here are some of the most potent uses of SMS for political campaigns:


If you are reading this, then you probably already know how important fundraising is to a campaign. Text your supporters en masse, requesting donations with a direct link to your donation page. Respond individually for an incredibly effective & engaging, one-on-one conversation with your donors for dazzling success.

Get Out The Vote

Send voters a “cast your vote” reminder SMS on election day. As election day approaches, be sure to offer your constituents information about getting registered as well as timely alerts about early and absentee voting deadlines. You can even include a link to help find their nearest polling place

 Event Alerts

Campaigning will keep your calendar filled with events. Each event depends to how many people you can get to attend. Action rates from text messages are off the charts for rallies, town hall meetings, and other campaign events. For those who can’t make it, be sure to include info about media appearances.

 Important Announcements

Like Obama’s Veep announcement, sending campaign updates to your audience via text message is a fantastic way to involve supporters. With 90% of SMS messages read within three minutes, you can take control of your news and updates when you need to.

Some examples: election day updates, campaign news and decisions, commentary on relevant issues, and event alerts.

 Communicate Your Politics

Project your viewpoint about developing issues instantly and let voters know where you stand. You can even text out images such as infographics via MMS that provides a synopsis of your opinions on key issues. This simple engagement will help keep your audience educated and your politics crystal clear.

Besides the above, there are many other ways to engage your audience during your  campaign. Some other examples include: 

  • List gathering via keyword (Example: Text the word “Jones2020” to 484848 to be placed on our list)
  • Donate via keyword (Example: Text the word “donate2020” to send candidate Jones a donation)
  • Peer-to-peer engagement through text messages
  • Running polls or surveys via our convenient polling feature.
  • Organizing and energizing volunteers.
  • Sweepstakes via keyword. (Text “dinner” to 484848 for entry to win a dinner with your favorite candidate).
  • Insider Perks. Make subscribers feel special by giving them early access to event tickets, select seating, meet and greet opportunities and more.
  • Collect voter details. Because supporters tend to text back, you can easily ask for information about themselves. Use our customizable data fields to keep individualized details about your base!

As you can see there are loads of ways to successfully use text messaging for your political campaign. Its clearly been an election day game changer. But regardless of which way you wish to use texting, be sure to get professional assistance for your political text messaging campaign. Contact us directly for assistance. And be sure to follow both the federal, state and local rules of engagement.

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