How It Works

How Texting For Less Works.

These are the tools that will allow you to communicate with your clients in the way they are communicating right now!

Increase engagement rates! It blows email and voice marketing away. Get started today and enjoy the Increase in Sales and Client Engagement.

Send Text Msgs To Your Audience:

Using our portal, you can easily upload a list of your contacts and send them a mass text or MMS (and have text conversations with each of them). The sky is the limit.


Keywords are simple yet effective. Reserve a keyword of your choice that fits your business needs. After choosing your keyword, you will receive a text number, made by us to share with the world. For example: Your customer texts the word “DISCOUNT” to 303030 and they will receive a text response with a discount code or any other response you choose. They will also be added to your contact list.

Text Enable Your Business Line:

Sign up for Texting For Less and you will be able to set up your business phone number to send and receive text messages through our portal (even if it is a landline).

Promos, Alerts, and Reminders:

Have a special promo or coupon you want to share with your audience? Need to remind customers or send an alert to employees within your company? Send a text in minutes to as many users as you wish! You can also schedule appointment reminders and seasonal promos. (or anything else)

Use Short Code Texting:

SMS short codes are the industry standard for sending mass texts. Usually 5 to 7 digits, they are used by businesses to send out blast text messages. One way your clients can opt in to receive these messages is by using Keywords. See Keywords:

EZ Chat Engagement

Your business can have individual, one on one conversations with your clients using your business phone number, right on our platform. There is no charge for incoming messages.

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